Review of the Duet 10A (Scan Speak 26W+Accuton Mid+Air Circ 6620)

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Review of the Duet 10A (Scan Speak 26W+Accuton Mid+Air Circ 6620)

Post  Clearwave on Thu Jul 30, 2009 3:20 am

Ryan gave me permission to post his email so here's his wonderful review about his Duet10A speakers. Thanks again Ryan for choosing Clearwave Loudspeaker Design!

Hi Jed,

Just wanted to let you know how great these speakers are! I am amazed every time I listen to them and how much detail they uncover in every type of music I have thrown at them. The soundstage completely envelopes the front of my room and certain sound effects even seem like it is happening right beside me! The best speakers I have heard before these were Vienna Acoustics Strauss in a $50000 room designed by Rives Audio, my room has room treatments but is far from perfect yet the Duet10A shines through. I have to convince the Reference Audio guy to let me bring the Duets in to his close to perfect room.

The only thing I have changed so far was to bump up the bass +1 on my preamp. I believe this is mostly due to my room sucking the bass out of every speaker I have had at my place, honestly it was very good to start with but the tiny boost evened things out all together.

I cant thank you enough. The entire experience was first rate and I firmly believe there is no way to get a better speaker at a better price than going through you. I hope this design is appreciated by many more people.

Thanks again!


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